In Other News …

washington_capitol_floodedSea Levels Are Rising, And They’re Not Going to Stop  [Grist]  If you were thinking of getting a beach house in Ocean City, just wait a few years, and DC will be the new Ocean City.

McLean’s White House Replica Hits the Market, Again  [Curbed DC]  There’s even an Oval Office re-creation inside!  (I was going to make a joke at this house’s expense, but then I learned that it was built by a refugee, to express his love of America, and now I feel like a jerk.)

9 of the Most Isolated Towns On Earth  [Mental Floss]  Whew, after the holidays, I’m definitely ready to move to any of these places.  The more isolated, the better.

The Most Excellent Gallery of Gravestones  [Boing Boing]  The anonymous man who died of eating too much library paste made me laugh, the loyal church cat made me tear up.  You can definitely waste an hour or so browsing these photos.

In 2015, Real Estate Fortunes Finally Spread Eastward  [Washington Post]  It’s funny to hear people complaining that they have to go so “far out” to get a cheap house in DC.  Pretty soon there won’t be any cheap neighborhoods left, and everything’s just going to skyrocket.

2015 Greatest Hits: “South Park” Takes On Gentrification  [Greater Greater Washington]  No matter how many times I watch this episode, I still get embarrassed about ever having gone to a new bar, restaurant, or neighborhood.  (Also, the music in the promotional videos is incredibly spot-on.)

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