In Other News …

Congress Might Allow Sledding on Capitol Hill  [Roll Call]  As someone who broke his collarbone and got a concussion the last time he went sledding, I look forward to suing the federal government after my impending Capitol Hill sled wreck.

From Li-Fi to Ethernet Lighting  [Arch Daily]  Your next home might be lit by super-efficient LED cables that will also carry your terabyte-per-second “li-fi” internet.  You could literally sit in the living room and read by the light of your significant other watching internet pornography upstairs.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired a ‘Star Wars’ Planet  [Inhabitat]  I imagine Frank Lloyd Wright reading this headline and heaving a long irritated sigh.

Will “Apodments” Work?  [Citylab]  They’re 200 square feet, and less than half the local average rent.  Tiny, but the “not having roommates” thing makes these a no-brainer.

Congress Eases Curbs On Foreign Real Estate Investors  [Wall Street Journal]  Great news!  Globalization was so great for every other industry.  Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

Senior Prom at The White House  [Ghosts of DC]  President Ford’s daughter had her senior prom in the White House, while her parents were out of town, and brought as her date a college junior she’d met a few weeks prior.  If this happened today, the internet would melt down.

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