In Other News …

rush-hour-4Rush Hour Bus Lane Coming to 16th Street  [Greater Greater Washington]  On one hand, crawling down 16th Street on the crowded morning buses is maddening;  on the other hand, who really wants to get to work earlier?  It’s a lose-lose.  (Also, the city should get Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan to do an ad campaign for the new bus lanes.  I guarantee they’re free, and probably broke.)

A First Look at the Hilton’s Luxury Apartment Building  [Washington Business Journal]  They’re calling it “The Hepburn.”  I’d love to read a magazine profile about the people who name things like apartment buildings and cars (“Camry”) and bottled water (“Dasani”).  I mean, what do you say if the client doesn’t like the name you came up with?  “That’s fine, it’s a totally irrelevant word I just made up.”

Before-and-After Slides Of DC Neighborhoods  [RentCafe]  Has any city changed this much in a non-wartime decade?  Also, has anyone’s rent ever gone up this much, relative to his income, in a ten year span?

DC’s Statues Are Unhappy, Says Microsoft  [Curbed DC]  It’s true; in all the old statues, the subjects look unhappy and somber, but then back in those days, they didn’t have antibiotics, indoor plumbing, or online shopping.  I’d be unhappy too.

Tokyo’s Tiny Zoo for Tiny Squirrels  [Rocket News]  With cat cafes nearly mainstream now, squirrel zoos are clearly the next urban animal novelty.

Ancient School Bus Transformed Into Awesome Mobile Home  [Mental Floss]  I used to have a roommate who spent her twenties riding around the country on a converted school bus; it was the highlight of her adult life, and after she settled in DC and took and office job, she was miserable.  She had a doctor who would give her tons of free samples of antidepressants and at night she would sit at her desk writing sonnets and eating random pills out of blister packs.  The lesson here, I guess, is to save the converted school bus adventures for retirement.

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