In Other News …

caan1The Reimagined NFL Stadium Of The Future  [Wired]  If you want to see what RFK is going to look like in ten years, go ahead and click.  I just hope they make they make the R******s change the name first.  (Knowing Daniel Snyder, he’ll just change it to a different racial epithet.)

The Infuriating History Of How Metro Got So Bad  [Washingtonian]  People consider Metro to be so bad nowadays that I feel like it’s almost undervalued at this point.  I mean, it sucks, but it’s not that bad.   I think a big chunk of the antipathy that people have for Metro is related to the fact that most of them are taking it places they don’t really want to go – work, the monuments with out-of-town family members, etc.

How To Socialize American Housing In 3 Easy Steps  [The Nation]  I was tempted to send this article to my dad but I’m worried he would wear out his caps lock button writing his reply.

In The Air  [New Yorker]  You know how we tricked the USSR into a stupid arms race that we knew would bankrupt it into oblivion?  I sometimes wonder if we’re doing the same thing to China, but instead of an arms race, we tricked them into an economic race that has utterly destroyed their environment.

How Shifting Home Values Are Reshaping DC  [Washington Post]  I wonder if rich people are mad that their neighborhoods are being completely ignored in all this DC hype, or if they’re too busy bein’ rich to care?

25MPH Over The Limit Will Now Cost You $1000  [WAMU]  At one job I had, during a busy week, my coworker who I drove home with got a reckless driving ticket on two consecutive nights.  Both times, she was speeding home because she was pissed that we hadn’t gotten out of the office until 8PM.  Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t want people to speed, you should mandate that everyone get out of work at 4PM.  (Who’d be against this?!?)


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