In Other News …

screw_being_a_policeman_or_a_fireman._i_want_to_be_a_master_medical_marijuana_grower._1354427491$1.45 Million Worth Of Marijuana Seized From Abandoned Home  [DCist]  It seems so bizarre and arbitrary that since this was grown in Maryland, state troopers swooped in, dug it up with a backhoe, and burned it, but if it had been planted a little ways away in DC, the grower would probably be accepting an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award from Muriel Bowser.

The Trulia 2016 Real Estate Market Forecast  [Trulia]  This boom/bust graph is as comforting as two glasses of wine and a Xanax.

Howard Theater Owes Huge Tax Bill  [Washington Post]  “Draws the scrutiny of the attorney general” is never a phrase you want associated with you.  Don’t scrutinize me, attorney general.  Don’t even glance in this general direction.  Nothing to see here.

Aestheticizing The Reality Of A Polluted River  [Hyperallergic]  Someone should do an art exhibition like this about the Anacostia River, before they clean it up.  (Though the moment someone does an art exhibition about the Anacostia River will probably be the moment Anacostia is “over.”)

Hamburg Says No To 2024 Olympics – And Why Would Any City Say Yes?  [Quartz]  Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that DC lost out on its recent Olympic bid?  Also, how long before people connect the dots between “Olympics sports arenas are horrible investments” and “pro sports arenas are horrible investments”?

New Metro GM Admits Metro Is Terrible  [Washington City Paper]  Not in so many words, but he did say he has “a load of work to do,” which is pretty much the same thing.  (“Do I look fat in these pants?”  “Well, let’s just say you have a load of work to do.”)


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