In Other News …

200803191007Arlington Home Named One Of “Most Decked-Out” Of 2015 Holiday Season  [Arlnow]  When I look at houses like this, I think of those mug shots you see on the internet where the guy has “666” tattooed on his forehead and has implanted devil horns under his scalp.  It just screams “severe and deep-seated psychological problems.”

Ancient Ocean Found Under Chesapeake Bay  [USA Today]  Scientists are going to bring up samples of the water, which has been trapped a half-mile underground since the age of dinosaurs.  This was the premise of like every pulpy page turner I read when I was 14.  (Spoiler alert: they all ended with 99% of the human race wiped out by an ancient virus.)

Can Your Landlord Stop You From Smoking Marijuana?  [Washingtonian]  Maybe.  Even though it’s legal now, so is owning a pet, and they can stop you from doing that.  Basically, it’s like how your significant other can’t literally “stop you” from going on that Vegas weekend with your college clique, but they can definitely make your life miserable for doing it.

DC Real Estate In 2015 By The Numbers  [Urban Turf DC]  These are good numbers.  Really good numbers.  There’s not a bad number in there.  I predict 2016 to be the year when people start saying “I don’t think this market’s ever going to take a downturn, it’s just going to keep going up forever!” again, a la 2004.

DC Wins Global Award For Renewable Energy In Paris  [DCist]  Bowser: “Okay, which of you councilmembers wants to go accept this renewable energy award?”  *Silence*  Bowser:  “The ceremony’s in Paris.”  *Pandemonium*

These Glass Walls Slide Around Corners To Disappear Completely  [Arch Daily]  This is the most hypnotic GIF since the Chinese bridge-building train.

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