In Other News …


Let’s Call Brutalist Architecture ‘Heroic’ Instead  [Citylab]  The more I look at pictures of Brutalist buildings, the more convinced I am that neo-Brutalism is going to be an architectural trend in the near future.  Everything new and “next” always strikes us abrasive and hideous at first.  In fact, this article is basically part of the first phase of Brutalist image rehabilitation and rebranding!

A Love-Hate Relationship With Mid-Century Modern Homes  [Washington Post]  Speaking of rebranding and changing tastes, it wasn’t so long ago that “mid-century modern homes” were seen as tacky and square, the architectural equivalent of the beehive hairstyle, and look at them now.

Highways Destroyed American Cities  [The Atlantic]  I never thought of this before, but imagine how much land would be freed up if we demolished the Beltway, especially considering how small the District is, and how expensive and crowded it’s getting.  What’s going to happen first – demolishing the Beltway or building condo buildings on the Mall?

More Than 1000 Applications Come In For Selling or Growing Medical Marijuana In Maryland  [Washington Business Journal]  If you’re a drug dealer, “going legit” used to mean cashing out and investing your cash into a record label or real estate, but now it just means going downtown and getting a permit.

Airbnb By The Numbers In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  The relatively tiny footprint of Airbnb in DC pretty much proves that all these City Council members trying pass laws against “the scourge of Airbnb-ing” are taking trash bags full of campaign contributions from the hotel lobbyists.

A Table For People And Cats To Work Together  [My Modern Met]  If you ever work from home, and have cats, you need this table.  As I write these blog posts, my cats literally take turns batting me about the face and head, mewing in my ears for treats, and lying against my laptop heat vents until they get blocked and the computer spontaneously shuts down from overheating.

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