In Other News …

screen-shot-2014-06-26-at-10-47-05-amDC’s All-Cash Zip Code  [Urban Turf DC]  I have so many questions about “all cash” sales.  Is it just a figure of speech – as in, we’re really talking a wire transfer or cashier’s check – or literal, as in someone is handing over a briefcase full of bundled hundreds?  If it’s the latter, where do these hand-offs take place?  Starbucks?  A Holiday Inn conference room?  A lawyer’s office?  A dark alley?  Do the buyers hire security guards to accompany them just for the day, while they’re carrying $4 million around?  (And where do you hire security for a day?  Is there an Uber for bodyguards?)  So many questions.

A Visual History Of American House Architecture  [Mental Floss]  If you have a brick-and-mortar office for your real estate company, and this poster isn’t hanging up in it, you should be stripped of all your licenses.

NYC’s Protected Bike Lanes Have Sped Up Car Traffic  [Fast Coexist]  Post this article on your most anti-bike friend’s Facebook wall and then temporarily block them.

The Accounting Loophole That Bankrupts Cities  [The Atlantic]  You may think DC is doing just fine, what with the exploding tax base, but if you look at the numbers you’ll realize the city is basically like your friend who makes $350K a year, but lives check to check, and has to transfer his credit card balances onto different cards every few months just to avoid debtor’s prison.

Serial Sellers of Crappy Renovations Fined $300K By City  [Washington Post]  For a couple who’ve sold dozens of houses, the fine is pretty insubstantial, though the DC Attorney General is suing them, so there’s that.  It’s not like they’re just using off-brand wallpaper, either;  a review of the charges against them seems to indicate an unfortunate tendency to “forget” to put in load-bearing beams.

15 DC Condos You Could Own For Less Than $75K  [Congress Heights On The Rise]  A $24K two-bedroom in Southwest?!  It could have pressed asbestos floors and a visible mist of radon gas and I’d still be sold.

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