DC Dishes for Anyone Who Can’t Wait Until Thanksgiving


If you somehow haven’t noticed, Thanksgiving is in a few days. It’s time to break out the festive sweaters, plan your dinner menu and maybe hit the gym for a few extra workout sessions. Mentally preparing for those family visits couldn’t hurt, either.

Aside from seeing old friends and family, food is obviously one of the best parts of the holiday.

If the anticipation of the big Thanksgiving meal is proving too much to handle, there’s no need to worry or wait. There are some great dishes around DC for anyone who wants to dig into turkey, stuffing and all the sides more than just one day a year.

Black Friday is usually the day to get into those Thanksgiving leftovers, but these sandwiches capture that spirit no matter what day it is.

Jetties shop locations feature the Nobadeer, a sandwich made with roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise. I like to get it toasted, and some people even add cheese, though that’s probably overkill.  The Joe Biden-endorsed Capriotti’s (locations in Georgetown and near Farragut North) also has a popular option. It’s called the Bobbie and it’s served hot with all the fixings. Another option is Chinatown newcomer Beef N Bread, where the thanksgiving sandwich comes with turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese.

For a no-frills turkey dinner plate, it’s hard to get more classic than  The Diner over in Adams Morgan. The hearty turkey platter is accompanied by sausage stuffing, whipped potatoes, green beans and gravy. It’s a relative bargain at $14 and the restaurant is open 24/7 to cater to your cravings. Go ahead and throw an adult milkshake in there for good measure.

If you like pizza (and who doesn’t, really), then make time next week to swing by Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza for a special Thanksgiving pie. The turkey and Brussels sprouts pizza is topped with roasted turkey, candied sweet potatoes, cranberries, goat cheese, Brussels sprouts, pancetta and mozzarella. It’ll be available for $3.50 a slice from today through the 25th, as well as during lunch on Black Friday.

Milk Bar

Or, how about a Thanksgiving-themed breakfast? Milk Bar, the bakery companion of Momofuku is selling a seasonal Thanksgiving croissant. It’s made with stuffing flavored bread and filled with shredded turkey, homemade gravy and cranberry sauce. This savory item will be offered throughout November. Be warned though: Milk Bar’s first DC location, located at 1090 Eye St. NW, is drawing big crowds so waiting is likely.

Hopefully these options can hold back the hunger until Thursday arrives or anytime the urge crops up during the year. And if you’re sticking around DC over the holiday, there are lots of restaurants serving meals, everything from multi-course feasts to family carryout meals to – and this is totally true – a Tom Hanks-themed barbecue buffet.




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