In Other News …

cuUnsettling Pics Of Animals In Weirdly Artificial Zoo Habitats  [Dangerous Minds]  Hmm, what do these depressed, unnaturally confined animals remind me of?

Tysons Corner To Officially Drop “Corner” From Its Name  [WTOP]  This is going to be just like when your friend Laura got divorced, went to India on a “spirit quest,” came back with a cursive script tattoo, and changed her name to Oceanblue Chakra.  Cool story, but we’re still going to call you “Laura.”

These Renovated Condos Might Be The Most Expensive In DC  [DCist]  The building is going to have a “24 hour concierge to cater to residents’ every whim.”  How much would you have to be paid to cater to the every whim of a building full of wealthy people?  I literally would not do it for less than $10 million a year.  After like four years I’d just buy the entire building and then burn it to the ground.

These Cathedral Birds Have Been Hoarding Documents For Centuries  [Hyperallergic]  My new obsession is trying to figure out where in DC you could find a comparable cache of bird-hoarded papers.  Where have they been nesting the longest without being disturbed?  The Capitol dome, maybe?  I’m sure no one would mind if I just climbed up there.

How To Build A House In 80 Days  [Arch Daily]  Tiny house design and manufacture is getting really good.  That’s good, because I can’t afford a normal-sized house.

The 15 Brutalist Buildings Every DC Resident Should Know  [Curbed DC]  Blocky, cold, unappealing, eyesores – when something becomes so universally reviled and aesthetically passe, I think we all know what happens next:  it becomes edgy and hip.  Without fail, that’s how the cultural dialectic works. In five years, everyone’s going to be outbidding each other to live in a new neo-Brutalist condo building.


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