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What people imagine when you talk about your "million dollar home" in 2015

What people imagine when you talk about your “million dollar home” in 2015

Million-Dollar DC Homes Are No Longer Luxurious  [District Measured]  It’s official:  your $1 million home is now a steaming pile of garbage, at least in terms of impressing strangers at parties.  Which, let’s be honest, is the only metric that matters.  (Side note:  Google-image-searching “crappy house” is a guaranteed 20 minutes of entertainment.)

CoHi/Park View/Mt P. Has Had The Most Violent Crime In The District This Year  [Washington Post]  On one hand – crap, this is where I live!  On the other hand, this is where I live, and I have to say that I don’t really notice any sinister crime-y vibe here at all, and I’m out at all hours.  So if this is the most crime-ridden section of town, then it’s pretty much safe to walk around any other section of DC with wads of cash hanging out of your pockets like Scrooge McDuck, because this area of town is basically harmless.

“Surry Hill” Manse In McLean Listed For $5.9 Million  [Curbed DC]  This comically gaudy monument to excess – the bathtub has a fireplace;  not the bathroom, but the actual tub – was previously owned by a lobbyist, i.e. someone who trades political influence for cash.  Think about that next time you’re about to post a “get out and vote, your vote counts!” pep talk on social media.

Open Plan Layouts Are On The Way Out  [Dezeen]  Experts say it’s because of “privacy issues” related to “the smartphone era.”  And we all know what that’s a euphemism for.  (*cough*sendingandreceivingnudes*cough*)

A Look Inside A Magical 1969 Hippie Treehouse Village  [Plaid Zebra]  How is it that the most lasting thing to come out of the magical, revolutionary Sixties, is “Ben & Jerry’s”?  I blame my parents, literally and specifically.  (Oh, and one or two of these pics might be mildly not-totally-safe-for-work, unless you work at a topless beach.)

Secret Tourism: Traveling The World On A Cargo Ship  [Messy Nessy Chic]  This only sounds glamorous and fun if you haven’t seen Season 2 of “The Wire.”




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