Person(s) of Interest: (Some of) the Guerilla Vending Team


Established in 2014, Guerilla Vending is a curated vending services company providing custom vending machines to restaurant, bar, retail and commercial/government establishments. At Maketto on H St. NE, the Guerilla’s machine sells an assortment of small toys, Asian snacks, cell phone accessories and convenience items. At The Pug, also in the H St. Corridor, you’ll find items like freshly made Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, artisan beef jerky and Wasabi peas.

The brains behind the company (or at least those who live in the city) include network specialist Mike Auger, Toki Underground chef Mike Gaylen, government scientist Alex Hastings and bar manager Colin Sugalski.

They huddled together to tell us what their lives are like in the city:

What’s a typical day for you?

Alex Hastings

Alex Hastings.

“The day job, a couple hours with my kid and the rest of the night taking care of the vending business,” says Hastings, who’s also a tired new father and poor, but enthusiastic foosball player.

What or who is your biggest influence?

“The reason why I’m in the service industry is because I remember going on a date when I was 16 or 17 years old at Parc, a Stephen Starr restaurant in Philly. The date was nothing spectacular, but for whatever reason, my most vivid memory is that of the manager on duty: the way he carried himself, dealt with upset customers, handled servers and service in general. [It] was perfect fluid, efficient and friendly.

Colin Sugalski

Colin Sugalski.

And I remember distinctly thinking ‘I want to do this,’” says Sugalski, who’s also a lover of cats, whisky and baths–preferably together.

Biggest DC pet peeve? 

“DC Roads – the diagonals and the circles in particular!” says Auger, who DJs and snowboards in his spare time.

Favorite Sunday afternoon activity?

Hanging out with my dog, Ika,” says Gaylen, who’s also the maker of boutique guitar pedals at Wires & Bones.

What neighborhood do you live?

Trinidad & Noma (the whole crew)

Favorite DC haunt? 

Mike Auger

Mike Auger.

Galyen and Sugalski worked together at Toki Underground for several years, and Hastings and Auger are both regular customers. “The idea for Guerilla Vending actually started after we all drank way too many Taiwan beers one night after dinner service, so Toki is definitely our favorite haunt,” agrees the group.  

If you could live anywhere in the world, where?

“Tokyo! I grew up there and can’t wait to go back some day,” says Hastings.

Mike Gaylen

Mike Gaylen.

Favorite musical artist

Frank Zappa (the whole crew)

Favorite movies?

“Scorpion King,” says Hastings; “Caddyshack,” says Gaylen; “The Sound of Music,” says Auger; and “Karate Bear Fighter,” says Sugalski.

Name five people, dead or alive, who you’d invite to a dinner party:

“The dude (from the Big Lebowski), Bill Murray, Edgar Allen Poe, Nikola Tesla, Ada Lovelace,” says the group, and “Hopefully Bill Murray will bring some booze!”

Most embarrassing moment?

“Getting replaced as my wife’s date on a TV show taping for not being “TV pretty” – it was a low moment!,” says Hastings.

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