In Other News …

funny-guy-stuck-traffic-bed1It’s Official: I-66 Is The Worst Freeway In America  [Thrillist]  This is completely unsurprising to anyone who’s ever driven on I-66.  My first office job forced me to sit in gridlock on I-66 twice a day, and I think that experience is a big reason I haven’t had an office job since then.

Feds Give $28 Million To Study Baltimore-DC Bullet Train  [Washington Post]  I’ve already got my trend piece ready on “people who live in Baltimore and commute to DC on the bullet train every day.”  Yes, I know people already do that in cars, but that’s not interesting.

Rent DC’s Tiniest Home For Only $1400/Month!  [Curbed DC]  Whoa!  This has got to be the best $1400 rental in the city.  I have friends who pay more than $1400 for horrible basement apartments with black mold on the ceilings.  Somebody rent this right now.

Big Data Looks At China’s Ghost Cities  [Arch Daily]  For every person in DC tossing and turning when their roommates stumble in drunk at 2 am, angrily wishing they lived alone, there’s probably a Chinese person in one of these ghost cities laying awake in total and absolute silence, sadly thinking that if they went out on the roof and screamed, no one would hear them.

How Hungary’s Painted Houses Rebelled Against The Socialist System  [Hyperallergic]  Their vivid individuality was a subtle rebuke against bleak authoritarianism, much like the pink streak the Human Resources lady in your office has in her hair.

Making Monuments  [The Paris Review]  This guy’s dad once stood atop the Washington Monument (sounds doubtful, I know, but there are photos), and he uses that fact as a launching pad to discuss monuments, their builders, their history, et cetera.  After I read this article, I went on the internet and pirated several books he cited, which to me is the highest compliment you can give a piece of journalism in the internet age.

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