Cove Opens Chinatown Locale

Cove South Dupont

Cove South Dupont

Last year, Forbes explored the benefits of coworking and found that working among like-minded, passionate individuals–who may be strangers at first–can help you save time, find the right people, grow the local economy and more.

Maybe this is why neighborhood productive space Cove (who just celebrated their two year anniversary) continues to expand. It’s ninth space in the DC metro area opens later this month in Chinatown. You can find “Cove 7th St” at 829 7th St NW.

Here’s what the new space offers:

  • two floors, making up just over 1,400 square feet
  • 32 group and individual desks, a lounge section, two call boxes, one six-seat conference room, and an additional 900 square feet of event space
  • standard cove amenities, including beverages stationed at a two-seat coffee bar, color printing/scanning, reliable wifi, outlets

Staying true to the brand’s aesthetics, “Cove 7th St” will be similar in style to current locations like Rosslyn, South Dupont and Capitol Hill.

Cove - Rosslyn

Cove – Rossyln

Cove Capitol Hill

Cove Capitol Hill


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