In Other News …

brubBizarre Brutalist Soviet Bus Stops  [Boing Boing]  I love these and I didn’t hate the FBI building either;  at this point I’m all in on a Brutalist revival.  Hey, if flared pants could come back, nothing’s out of bounds.

DC’s Urban Farms Make The Most Of Limited Real Estate  [DCist]  Blown away that the East Capitol one has an aquaponics facility.  Also, still mad that there aren’t more farmer’s markets for people who don’t wake up before 3PM.

Developers Are Still Building Close To Metro Stations  [Washington Post]  Wow, 85% of development is within a half-mile of a Metro station – which is strange, because proximity to mass transit is becoming less and less important, thanks to bike lanes and village-style development.  Someone should make a map graphic of undervalued properties that aren’t near Metro.

House Where Four Were Murdered Is For Sale  [Washingtonian]  Do you believe in ghosts?  No?  Then go ahead and buy this house.  Yeah, didn’t think so.

What Type Of Home Sells Fastest In DC?  [Curbed DC]  “The cheap ones,” I muttered to myself bitterly, knowing there are no cheap ones anymore.

This Building Is Its Own Air Conditioner  [Mental Floss]  Someday your grandchildren are going to be like, “hey, tell us again how everyone used to heat and cool buildings by blowing hot or cold air through a series of big metal tubes!”  And they won’t even be able to hear most of your story because they’ll be laughing hysterically.

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