In Other News …

halloween-haunted-house-collage21 Houses To Avoid On Halloween  [Messy Nessy Chic]  This article should’ve been named “21 Houses To Avoid, Period, Every Single Day Of The Year.”

14th Street’s Infamous “Men’s Parties” Site To Become J. Crew  [Borderstan]  “Men’s Parties” is the best/worst name for any establishment ever.  I defy you to come up with a better/worse name than that.  It’s a shame that it’s going to be lost to posterity; we should start a petition to have this J. Crew officially named “J. Crew @ Men’s Parties.”

38% Of DC One-Bedrooms Rent For More Than $2K/Month  [Urban Turf DC]  How insane is the market that when I read this headline, I was like, “oh wow, 60% of one bedroom apartments are under two grand a month!”  It’s like I have renter’s Stockholm Syndrome.

SE Residents Worry About Being Displaced By Wizards Practice Facility  [Washington Post]  If you want this project to not be built, just root for the Thunder this year;  if Kevin Durant doesn’t sign with the Wizards, expect this practice facility to get “delayed” and then quietly cancelled.  (If you don’t follow the NBA, that sentence made zero sense to you.)

The True Costs Of Driving  [The Atlantic]  We all know driving is heavily subsidized, but I had no idea how much it was subsidized.  Basically, for drivers to fully pick up the tab for road maintenance, gas would have to be twice as expensive and every road would have to be a toll road.  Think about that.  (I’ll be over here on my bike while you think it over.)

What’s The Most Popular Horror Movie In DC?  [Bustle]  It’s hard to believe it’s not “The Exorcist,” considering it’s pretty much a DC rite of passage for you to go visit the Exorcist stairs at some point.  The surprising choice is actually pretty good, though keep in mind that my judgment might be skewed by the presence of my teenage self’s ideal woman.


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