In Other News …


What Are The Best Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods In DC?  [Reddit]  How you manage your kid’s Halloween candy haul – do you ration it or let them gorge until they puke?  How much do you skim for yourself, if any? Do you make them say ‘thank you’ or complain when someone gives them substandard candy? – says everything about your parenting style.  I think they should open every presidential debate with a question about this.

The Abandoned Settlements Inside National Parks  [Smithsonian]  There are all kinds of weird surprises in our parks; rumor has it that one of the farms the government purchased to form Rock Creek Park had confirmed gold deposits somewhere on it.  (Yes, I’ve looked for it.  What, I was on unemployment, I had nothing to do all day.)

Bloomingdale’s Massive Construction Project Disrupts Neighborhood  [Express]  When I read that they’ve named the massive tunneling machine “Lucy Diggs Slowe” (get it?), I rolled my eyes.  But then I kept reading and learned that they named it after a real woman named Lucy Diggs Slowe who was Howard University’s first dean of women, and now I have no idea what’s going on.

Abandoned Chinese Village Covered In Lush Vegetation  [Inhabitat]   Some perspective:  I was talking about global warming with my grandmother recently, and she said, “people act like the world is going to end because of global warming, but that’s not true.  Humanity might disappear, but the planet will carry on just fine.”  This is what it will look like after we’re all extinct because of riding lawn mowers and aerosol deodorant.

Bowser Staffers Told To Stand When Mayor Enters Room  [Washington City Paper]  Rumor has it that Fenty gave the same order to his staff, and look how hard he fell.  (Actually though, he’s dating Steve Jobs’ widow now, so, uh, yeah, he’s probably doing okay.)

More and More People Getting Down Payments From Their Parents  [Zillow]  Meanwhile, my mom gave me a six-pack of socks this week.

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