DC Food Delivery: Don’t Leave Your Couch!


Can you think of one thing that everyone you know loves? One thing that doesn’t rub one person the wrong way or lose the interest of another? One thing that we can all enjoy, sometimes even together? If you can’t think of anything, you might be thinking too hard. Think simpler, everyday and necessary – food! If you don’t love to curl up on the couch with a big plate of your go-to comfort food than you are probably not American and perhaps not even human. Food is long past being just fuel for getting through the day – it’s now more commonly a passion or hobby. People proudly call themselves “foodies,” when in reality they could just as truthfully say “I am motivated to get up in the morning because I know I get to eat breakfast soon,” or “instead of talking about politics, I like to talk about what kind of sauce would go best with my cheesecake.” Caramel. The answer is always caramel.

The worst part about food, other than the fact that I swear if it isn’t plain kale or unsalted almonds that taste like tree bark it goes straight to my thighs, is that making it requires so much effort. I mean, even just going to the grocery store requires painful steps such as putting on pants and interacting with other members of the human species. (Insert groan here). Sometimes that is just too much to ask…but, even still, a girl’s got to eat! And preferably not the stale wheat thins from my cupboard or the quinoa I bought a week ago when I swore to myself that this time, yes this time, I was going to get really passionate about fueling my body with the nutrients it needs. But alas, what does my soul need? A heaping bowl of mac n’ cheese. Or pizza. My soul always needs pizza.


Photo courtesy Huffington Post

Luckily, DC is actually home to a lot of great food delivery options…so you don’t have to pause your Top Chef marathon to actually go get food. Here are some of the ones worth dialing in to:

UberEats: UberEats is available in Washington DC from Dupont Circle to Capitol Hill. They have a curated list of meals available from local restaurants that they can deliver in a short time span – specifically,they claim, 10 minutes or less. Right now, they are only available during a lunchtime window of 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and the service is accessible from the traditional Uber app. Although the service is relatively new, they have found success in other cities and offer delicious DC originals such as pizza from &pizza, the Beatrix Roll from Buredo, the Schwarma and Flaafel Rice Bowl from Micho’s Lebanese Grill and more.

CAVIAR: This delivery option has been in the DC area for a little while. It has a flat rate delivery fee of $9.99, so you better order enough to have leftovers in order to make it worth it. Their estimated delivery time is 1 to 2 hours, and they currently delivery anywhere within the District. Some restaurants that they feature include Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken, Johnny’s Take Out, The BBQ Joint, Buffalo & Bergen DC, and more.

EAT24: This is a Yelp-based delivery service, which is an added bonus, since you can see which restaurants deliver to your area AND have a good review. Estimated delivery times range from 60-90 minutes, and delivery fees vary depending on where you are ordering from. A lot of restaurants have minimal fees ($1-2) or free delivery, but some can charge as much as $10. You can easily sort this out via the website’s search function.

Seamless: This delivery service offers a wide variety of options to a lot of different DC neighborhoods. Estimated delivery time is 45 to 60 minutes, and delivery fees vary depending on where you order (although most are minimal, if not free). According to a Washington City Paper article from 2014, delivery can often come faster than expected. Some restaurants that are available include Tonton Chicken, Chop’t Creative Salad Co, Masala Art and many more.

All in all, if you get nothing else from this post, take comfort in this: you do not have to leave your couch to get yourself a hot, delicious, heaping helping of your favorite DC food.  In my mind, that sets off a choir of angels singing and trumpets…or maybe that is just my stomach growling? Needless to say, its both comforting and concerning that there are so many options to have food delivered right to my door. Should others be encouraging my laziness? I’m not sure, but they are…so I am going to embrace it. I mean, let’s be honest…food delivery is probably THE best thing since sliced bread.


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