In Other News …

DC’s Newest Condo Amenity: A Marijuana Grow Closet  [Urban Turf DC]  I’m one hundred percent sure nothing has ever gone from “illegal and will get you thrown in prison” to “real estate developers are incorporating it into their business models,” faster than legal weed.  It used to take years for the mainstream to co-opt subculture, now it takes weeks.  I blame the internet.

Local Pastors Say 6th Street Bike Lane Is “Cancer” That Will “Destroy” Church  [Washington City Paper]  Yeesh.  One paragraph into this article, I was like, “I really don’t think I can raise my eyebrows any higher in shocked bemusement,” but then I’d read another line or two and somehow they’d climb even higher.  They really just went for the nuclear option here to try and block the bike lane.  Thing is, if you use the “cancer” and “threat to our existence” lines on the bike lane, what ammo do you have left when the frozen yogurt places and Urban Outfitters store come in?  If you call every single new thing a cancerous threat to your existence, people are going to figure out pretty quick that you’re just an obstructionist.

NoMa To Add Its First Park (Finally) [Washington Business Journal]  Wait, what’s that huge grassy lot where they have the outdoor summer movies?  Isn’t that a park?  If it’s not a park, what is it?  Have I been unknowingly picnicking in a parking lot-slash-hobo urinal for the past several summers?

A Brief History Of White House Renovations And Near-Demolitions  [Mental Floss]  Apparently, for decades the White House interior resembled an “abandoned hotel.”  Let’s be honest, it’s still not that nice.  If it was a hotel, I’d say it’d be, what, 3.5 stars at most?  I definitely get a “Sheraton in the crappy part of Italy” vibe from it.

The World’s Smallest Nations And The Eccentrics Who Rule Them  [Wired]  Wow, someone seriously established a sovereign nation in a decrepit WW2 fortress six miles off the coast of Britain.  This was the kind of thing that happened before Tinder existed.

A Drowned Church In Mexico Resurfaces  [Hyperallergic]  “Climate change isn’t real – oh hello again, Atlantis!”

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