In Other News …


Tokyo’s Open Air Kindergarten  [Arch Daily]  Wait, why aren’t ALL kindergartens open air kid corrals?  It’s not like five year olds are learning anything anyway.  Someday we’re going to look back at indoor kindergartens like we look back at girdles and animal sacrifice.  (And cocaine-based dental products.)

Why Does DC Have So Many Vacant Houses?  [WAMU]  Hmm, it’s basically the downside of a hot market:  why put money into a house at all if you can let it fall to pieces and still sell it for a million in a few years?

Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Cosby Mural Defaced  [Buzzfeed]  It was only a matter of time.  To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long.  Also, how hated is Cosby, that replacing his face with a North Korean dictator has been met with universally positive reactions?

Millennials’ Top Competition For Condos Might Be Their Parents  [Washington Post]  If my parents tried to outbid me for a condo, I’d just be like, “back off, remember when I was a kid and slept in the sweltering summer heat every night because you told me that leaving the fan on all night would push my face to the side of my head, just so you could save a few dollars on the electric bill?  You owe me one.”

The Dark Past Of “Jungle Book Island”  [Messy Nessy Chic]  If you’re looking to book a super-depressing tropical vacation this winter, consider visiting the now-abandoned “Guantanamo of the 1800s.”  (Will people be semi-ironically touring the actual Guantanamo in, like, 150 years?)

The “Ghost Roads” Of DC  [WTOP]  If I was driving in a car with a friend at night and they suddenly turned down Old Klingle Road, I would immediately bail out of the moving car.

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