In Other News …


Guy Fieri Is Filming In Dupont Circle Today!  [Borderstan]  True story:  I went to his Times Square restaurant as a joke last year, ate ridiculously expensive “pizza nachos” that had marinara and pepperoni on them instead of regular nacho toppings, and had a stomachache for two and a half days.  Also, the dining room was decorated with taxidermied deer heads with stuff stenciled onto them in Olde English font.  Let’s go throw paint-filled balloons at his shoot!

This Is What A 50-Lane Traffic Jam Looks Like  [Smithsonian]  Honestly, this doesn’t look much worse than 95 on a normal day.

“Our Tenants Are Growing Weed, Can We Stop Them?”  [Popville]  Why is this cause for complaint?!  “Hello, animal control?  There’s this darn goose in my house, laying solid gold eggs all over the place!”  Just tell them their growing makes you uneasy, but a free ounce a month would make you feel a lot more comfortable.

The World’s Ten Most Beautiful Bookstores  [BBC]  “The World’s Ten Most Beautiful Places Where You’ll Spend Four Times More Money Than You Intended.”  I think it’s so easy to impulse-buy books because you can justify it by saying they’ll make you smarter.

DC Church Says Bike Lane Would Violate Its “Constitutional Rights”  [Washington Post]  Anyone who’s dealt with local churches and anything related to parking knows that they’ll go to any lengths to protect their spaces.  The problem is that past administrations have catered to them so much that their entitlement has mushroomed out of control.  It’s like the institutional version of the “bacon and jalapeno mac and cheese” guy.

Georgetown Has A Secret Surveillance System For “Suspicious” Blacks  [Washington Post]  This article will probably confirm what you always suspected when you walked down M Street:  it’s kind of terrible.

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