In Other News …


Is The Sydney Opera House The World’s Best Building?  [BBC]   According to Unesco, which designated it a World Historic Site in 2007, it’s “one of the indisputable masterpieces of human creativity … in the history of humankind.”  And that may well be true.  But it also looks like Sonic the Hedgehog’s head.

DC Hires Architecture Firm To Redesign RFK Stadium  [Washington Business Journal]  The city hired the same architects who are designing the forthcoming world-class 11th Street riverfront park in Anacostia.  How soon after he sees the design is Dan Snyder going to be begging to change his NFL team’s name in return for letting it come back to RFK?  (This is pretty much inevitable, by the way;  the only unknown is who’s going to foot the bill for the stadium renovation.)

Why Old Is The New Green  [Arch Daily]  “Radical common sense” – the idea of re-purposing old buildings instead of building new ones – is all the rage in architectural circles now.  It’s also all the rage in my apartment, where I just replaced my filthy pillowcases with t-shirts, so I could play Xbox instead of going to the laundromat.

Ferns Have Taken Over Several Metro Stations  [WAMU]  According to this article, there’s a ton of water leakage throughout the metro system, which might have caused that fatal electrical disaster in January.  Yet another reason to use Bikeshare instead.

These Halloween Decorations Are Terrorizing An Ohio Town  [MTV]   Apparently neighbors are complaining to the city and even the local police, but I’d bet that a lot of them are the same neighbors who put up 18,000-lumen Christmas light extravaganzas the day after Thanksgiving.  My next-door neighbor growing up would put up so many Christmas lights that I had to wear a sleep mask for six weeks every winter.

Why A Boston Suburb Combined Its Senior Center And High School  [Citylab]  Who are the most annoying people on earth?  High school students.  Who are the second most annoying people on earth?  Old people.  I can’t believe no one’s ever thought of just warehousing them all in the same place.



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