In Other News …

DC To Offer Groundbreaking Family Leave Policy  [Vox]  This almost makes me wish I still had an office job.  Since it’s family leave instead of maternity leave, men will be able to take four months off, paid, to look after a new baby.  I would 100% absolutely no doubt use Photoshop and social media to make everyone in the office think I was having a baby, and then take a four month paid vacation.  And I wouldn’t do it once, I would do it every single year.  It’d be easy once you got to the first family leave;  you just come back to the office like, “guess what I did during family leave?  Got my girlfriend pregnant again!!”  Then it’s just like dominoes after that.

DC Speed Camera App Gets Green Light  [Washington Post]  Brilliant idea, let’s give speeders a reason to look at their phones while they’re behind the wheel.

Jaw-Dropping Photos Of DC During The Great Depression  [Photogrammar]  It’s with great shame that I admit that my bathroom is no cleaner than the majority of these 1930s-era outdoor privies.

Metro Blames Bikeshare For Declining Ridership  [Washingtonian]  Does anyone else find this headline to be a bit forehead-slapping?  Like, “Man Blames Younger, More Handsome Men For Wife’s Departure.”  Yeah, if there are better options out there, people are going to switch it up.

New Website Visualizes Human Activity In Major Cities  [Arch Daily]  Hey, looking to get fired?  Here’s a page with hundreds of customizable infographs to browse at your desk!

DC’s Oldest House Hits The Market  [Curbed DC]  This house is so nice that the previous owners disassembled it and moved it piece by piece from Massachusetts down to DC.  I don’t think anyone has ever loved me as much as those people loved this house.

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