In Other News …

South Park Nails DC’s Development Boom  [Curbed DC]  At least 75% of the people I know posted this on social media, and it seemed like how funny you thought it was correlated inversely with how long you’d been living in your neighborhood.  (The part that makes me laugh most is the music in this video, it’s almost too perfect.)

Why Were There Two Antique British Phone Booths At GWU? (And Where Did They Go?)  [Washington Post]  I was about to get all up in arms about their removal, but then I found out they’d only been there since 1998.  Oh.  (Also, how many couples do you think “consummated” in those booths?  I’d conservatively guess it’s in the hundreds.)

The Most “Emotionally Stable” US Cities  [Next City]  No idea how they measured this, but apparently in Anderson, South Carolina (the country’s least emotionally stable city) people must be perpetually alternating between screaming with laughter and convulsive weeping.

Man Travels World Photographing Former Pizza Huts  [Kickstarter]  I love spotting the weird pagoda-like Pizza Hut silhouette in dying strip malls;  there’s one in Laurel, MD by a thrift store I go to, and I often think about renting it out as a house.  There’s a thrift store on one side and an “Olde Country Buffet” on the other, I’d never have to leave the parking lot.

Metro Ridership Drops Among Safety/Reliability Concerns  [WTOP]  I wonder how the “walkability”/”village-style development” trend will impact public transit?  If everyone lives in the city center, will we even need trains?

The Utopian Post-Modern Parisian Housing Estate Of Noisy-le-Grand  [Arch Daily]  Not to distract from these incredible buildings (even by French standards, they’re striking;  by American standards they look almost extraterrestrial), but the photos of the senior citizens who live there confirmed my longtime suspicion that the overlap between “what old people wear” and “what hipsters wear” is 100%.



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