In Other News …


DC Files For Eminent Domain At DC United Stadium Site  [Curbed DC]   I guess this is why, if you’re a developer, you can’t really “drive a hard bargain” with the government.  (Though it’s funny that eminent domain is being used against a developer, for a change.)

You Might Find Your Next Real Estate Agent On Instagram Or Snapchat  [US News & World Report]  Perfect, next time your significant other comes downstairs in the middle of the night and asks what you’re doing on Snapchat, you can be like, “uh … looking for a real estate agent?”

Federal Government Urged To Takeover Metro Safety  [Greater Greater Washington]  This is actually pretty humiliating for WMATA.  This is like when you’re in high school and ask your mother for help revising your paper, and after she reads the draft she just sighs and says, “just go in the other room and watch television, I’ll finish this for you.”

DC’s Largest Urban Farm Breaks Ground  [Washington City Paper]   I used to live by an urban farm in Shaw, and I won’t lie, I definitely stole more than a few tomatoes late at night, on the way home from the bar.

How Tasteless Suburbs Became Beloved Urban Neighborhoods  [The Atlantic]   You know what this means:  brace yourself for the “McMansion” revival of 2028.  Hipsters driving minivans, living in cul de sacs, wearing pastels.

London’s Self-Built Anarchist Housing Projects  [The Guardian]   This incredible story about communities of DIY public housing just confirms my belief that the way we presently do everything is totally wrong.

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