In Other News …


The Best Supermoon Photo Was Taken In DC  [Fast Co. Create]  This wasn’t one of the spur of the moment photos that turned out perfectly;  the photographer thought of this photo on, like, Tuesday, and spent the entire week thinking about all the likes he was going to get on social media.

DC’s Most Expensive Home Finally Sold  [Urban Turf DC]  Who bought this insanely palatial $22 million estate?  And more importantly, how do I befriend them before the start of the 2017 pool party season?

Hundreds Of Anti-Gentrification Protesters Attack London Cereal Cafe  [The Guardian]  In America, people protest gentrification by shopping at Trader Joe’s instead of Whole Foods, while over in the UK, they’re literally marching up to businesses with torches and severed pig heads, and then burning effigies of police after the riot squad arrives. Remind me not to invite any of my British friends to the opening of my cat cafe.

These Floating Cities Will House Thousands And Produce Zero Waste  [Tech Insider]  They’re building mobile floating cities with no environmental impact, and yet over here, my mom is like, “I think my iPad is broken,” and when I look at it I see that she has 350 tabs open in Firefox.  (When I asked her why, she said, “what’s a tab?”)

The Cloakroom, in Chinatown, Is Reopening  [Popville]  A friend of mine happened to be walking by the Cloakroom when it partially collapsed last year, and had this insane video on his iPhone of strippers jumping from the second floor windows.  I firmly believe that the fact that he hasn’t uploaded it to the internet yet should be punishable in a court of law.

Why You Should Care How Hitler Decorated His Homes  [Washington Post]  *Racks brain to recall which of my friends has the most Hitler-esque interior decoration motif*


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