In Other News …


How DC Avoided “Popemageddon” Traffic Jams  [Citylab]  Turns out that how much traffic there is in an area is closely related to how many people drive their cars into that area, and if everyone stays away, there’s no traffic.  Crazy.

Why Wall Street Is Pouring Money Into India’s Real Estate Sector  [Quartz]  Can an entire country be gentrified?  We’re about to find out.

DC Ponders Draconian Airbnb Regulations  [Washington Post]  The weird thing is that hotels are the ones pushing for these laws, but hotels are the worst.  Go to any city, and wherever all the hotels are, that’s going to be the deadest, most boring neighborhood.  Maybe Airbnb wouldn’t be taking all their business if they put some hotels where people actually wanted to stay.

Foggy Bottom Is DC’s Most Expensive Neighborhood To Rent In  [Curbed DC]  Not that shocking, I guess, since a lot of GW students live there, but sort of shocking since it’s such a boring neighborhood.  I have a friend who is always sending me articles about new chronic fatigue syndrome treatments because whenever he invites me to have drinks in Foggy Bottom, where he lives, I lie and say, “I’d love to, but I feel terrible, I literally can’t even get out of bed.”

History Of The DC Hackmen  [Ghosts of DC]  A fascinating story about DC’s first cab drivers (of horse-drawn carriages).  The very first guy who ever thought about charging people for rides was an Englishman who retired wealthy after ten years;  he was basically the Mark Zuckerberg of his time.


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