In Other News …



List Of Road Closures For The Pope’s Visit  [NBC Washington]  If I worked downtown and my boss said I had to come to come to the office this week, I would quit my job.  That’s not even a joke.

Here’s What Graduates Of DC Colleges Can Expect To Earn  [Washington Business Journal]  Okay, even though “average salaries ten years after graduation” isn’t really a very good measure of how good a college is, some of these numbers are jaw-dropping.  I’m pretty sure that for some of these schools, the average graduate salary ten years down the line is less than one year of tuition.

How China’s Crash Could Boost The US Real Estate Market  [CBS]   Bad news: if you’re looking to buy a house, you’re now also competing with Chinese millionaires looking to park their money in US real estate, and who also pay in cash.  It’s the financial equivalent of going to a bar and everyone else there is a model.

The Man Revamping DC’s Sports-Industrial Complex  [Washington Post]  Did you know DC hands over $100 million a year in tax money for administration of the convention center and the sports arenas?  Maybe I shouldn’t have made fun of those people in college who majored in “sports management.”

Buildings Hidden From The World  [BBC]  I really like the Kuwaiti house that’s perpetually filled with mist, to shroud the inhabitants from view, but all that humidity could really mess up your hair.  Walking around in a shower cap all the time would probably undercut the mystery a little bit.

Photos Of 14th Street During WW2  [Ghosts of DC]  Lotta questions raised by these photos.  Are those palm trees lining 14th Street?  Why didn’t people have screens on their windows back then?  And why in god’s name isn’t Senate Beer still sold?!  If someone revived it like they revived Genessee Beer, that someone would be rich.

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