In Other News …

This Corgi Realtor Wants To Sell You A Condo  [Mashable]  Attention human real estate agents:  your jobs are in serious jeopardy.

What Your Real Estate Agent Can And Can’t Tell You  [Curbed DC]  I didn’t know your agent couldn’t legally answer you if you ask them if the neighborhood you’re looking in is “good for young single people?”  Now I really want to look at a place in a stuffy neighborhood full of churches and craft stores, and ask my agent if it’s a good neighborhood for young single people, just to see them lie.  Of course, this won’t be a problem once all agents are corgis.

The Average US Household Wastes Over A Third Of Its Income On Housing/Utilities/Transportation  [Trulia]  Ugh, the worst part about living in an *ahem* less-than-legal basement apartment with split bills is that I can’t wait until my gas gets cut off and then get the city to pay 60% of the bill, like I did every two years in my last apartment.  (Yes, you can go two years without paying your heat bill before it gets cut off;  I once made it three.)  Nothing is more depressing than writing a check to the utilities company.

$140K: The Difference 5 Years Makes In DC Home Prices  [Urban Turf DC]  Hmm, larger homes appreciate a lot more than smaller ones, not just in raw dollars, but percentage-wise.  But then how you explain the $16 McMansion?

Home Buyers’ Top Five Regrets  [Washington Post]  Most homebuyers I know, their main regret is not buying, like, ten more houses back in 2006, and then retiring a multimillionaire right about now-ish.

Sleep Like A Celtic Chief In This Iron Age Roundhouse  [Mental Floss]  This medieval peasant hut is far nicer than the house I built with my dad, and we had three college degrees and all the knowledge of the internet at our fingertips.

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