In Other News ….


The Casper Napmobile Is Coming To DC!  [Casper]  I’ve been saying for years that if you opened a “nap salon” downtown, and charged office workers in, say, 20 minute increments to take naps in dark, soundproof rooms, you would make a killing.  I had so many days at work, sagging at my desk with a hangover, when I would’ve gladly paid $50 to doze off for just half an hour.  Instead I just continued doing subpar work and snapping at my coworkers to turn their damn music down.

DC’s First Pot Harvest Brings Legal Questions  [Washington Post]  Okay, so pot is legal, but selling it is technically illegal.  You might think that means that not that many people are selling it (breaking the law is against the law!), but let me tell you something that will illustrate just how paradigm-shattering legalization has been: my dealer just got a job for the first time in his entire life.

Where Will The Pope Stay During His DC Visit?  [Politico]  He’s staying at the nunciature, as a guest of the apostolic nuncio.  Try and guess if those are real words or if I just made them all up.

WW2 Bunker Converted Into Incredible Home  [Daily Mail]  Future headline from The Postapocalyptic Times – “Abandoned Home Converted Into Incredible Bunker.”

Mapping Gentrification In DC  [Data Lens DC]  It’s crazy that the amount of kids goes down as median income rises in an area, considering that a kid is literally the most expensive thing on earth.  A friend told me at a party last weekend how much they spend on childcare, per month, and it was more than my entire gross income.

Bike Share Has Sort Of Reduced Congestion In DC  [Vox]  Most intriguing takeaway from this article:  drivers avoid areas with lots of bicyclists.  I had no idea we were that annoying!  I mean, I suspected we were, but I didn’t think it was scientifically provable.

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