In Other News …


Stay In This Terrifying Transparent Capsule 400 Feet Above The Peruvian Outback!  [Bored Panda]  Several times in my life, I’ve definitely woken up from nightmares that involved dangling over a huge chasm, and I was so relieved that I kissed my pillow.  Imagine waking up from that nightmare in one of these capsules;  they better supply defibrillation paddles in every one.

Alexandria To Reconsider Its Confederate Memorials  [Washington Post]  Wait, harmless bland Alexandria flies the Confederate flag twice a year, and in 1953 changed the law to rename all north-south streets after Confederate military figures?!  I feel like my pastor just left his email open on my computer and I saw that it was full of Ashley Madison messages.

How Much Did The Wharf Cost?  [Washington Business Journal]  Enough that its budget is greater than the total GDP of 16 countries in the world!  The developers behind it must be popping Xanax like Tic Tacs.

Most Of DC’s New Housing Is In Expensive High Rises  [Greater Greater Washington]  Whoa, I had no idea these buildings were so expensive to build – just to break even, they have to charge almost $4K a month rent for a two-bedroom.  Normally I’d be like, “eh, it’s fine, just cut some corners if that’s cheaper,” but a high-rise building isn’t something you want thrown together on the cheap.

The Most Expensive Sales In DC So Far In 2015  [Curbed DC]  *Looks through list*  *Checks bank balance online*  *Shuts computer down and stomps angrily off to bed*

The Town Where No One Owns A Car (And Everyone Takes Cabs)  [Citylab]  I thought this story was going to be about New York City, or at least Shaw.  In the near-ish future, we’re going to be seeing stories with clickbait headlines like, “The Town Where Everyone Still Owns A Car.”  You know that, right?

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