In Other News …

1990s fashion - Beverly Hills 90210

DC Kicks Off “Alleypalooza”  [NBC4]  Muriel Bowser played Nirvana on election night, and now she’s christened this (much-needed) alley repair campaign “Alleypalooza.”  Bowser is so Nineties, I bet she fans old Delia’s catalogs on her coffee table.

Home Prices In Anacostia Skyrocket 35%  [Urban Turf DC]  Is there an Onion headline that reads, “Neighborhood Everyone Said Would Never Become Gentrified Now Rapidly Gentrifying”?  There should be.

Why You Should Bike To Work  [Brightest Young Things]   Hmm, well, arriving to your morning meeting dripping with sweat and exuding powerful body odor is the most gloriously passive-aggressive way to undermine your coworkers.

Which Mode Of Travel Provides The Happiest Commute?  [Citylab]  Lot of surprises in this article, but for me the biggest one was that drivers’ satisfaction is only one percent higher than people who pack onto the Metro.

Portable Solar-Powered Homes = No Rent Or Bills  [Quartz]  Anything that leads to me not paying rent is something I’m ready to seriously consider, up to and including homelessness.  (Which comes in comfortably ahead of “moving back in with parents,” if only because – true story – my father has converted by basement bedroom into an indoor shooting range.)

What It’s Like To Live In A Fire Lookout Tower In The Middle Of The Forest  [Business Insider]  Two words:  pee funnel.



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