People of Interest: Philip Wong and Ann Yang

Philip Wong and Ann Yang are cofounders of Misfit Juicery, a DC startup producing delicious, cold pressed juice from “ugly” fruits and veggies.  The two launched the company while students at Georgetown University.

Pasted image at 2015_07_13 02_48 PM (1)

Here are a few fun facts about Philip: 

johnbutlerFavorite music artist of all time: Fleet Foxes, the xx, and Debussy are just about even for me, despite how different they are. All three are timeless–I’ll go through phases of listening to really weird shit and then inevitably come back to those three.

Favorite DC haunt: Glen’s Garden Market in DuPont. Every single person who works there is awesome, and the food and beer are great.

Top three favorite movies: Good Will Hunting, La Haine, and I’m lahainehoping to add The Little Prince to that list once it comes out.

Five people to a dinner party: David Foster Wallace, Carl Sagan, Sally Ride, Adam Kaye (the VP of Culinary Affairs at Blue Hill–suffice to say that I and the MISFIT team owes him a dinner) and Nelson Mandela.

Ann shared some of her favorites with us, too.. 

Favorite music artist of all time: My favorite song is Ocean by John Butler Trio. It’s an instrumental played on a 12 string guitar and changes slightly with every live performance. I’m currently loving Rodrigo y Gabriela and Shakey Graves.

glensFavorite DC haunt: I’m with Phil — I absolutely love Glen’s. But my favorite place to think is the Kogod Courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery — the atrium is beautiful, they sell beer and there are hidden outlets.

Top three favorite movies: All three of these are influenced by an amazing film professor I had in college who is very involved in documentaries nationally. I can’t claim to be cool edanbarbernough to have watched these without her thoughtful teaching. High School by Frederick Wiseman, Cut Piece by Yoko Ono and in the past year I really loved Birdman.

Five people to a dinner party: Maria Popova, Elizabeth Holmes, Mac Premo, David Kelley and my best friend. And a sixth (aren’t entrepreneurs supposed to break rules?): Dan Barber. We had the most amazing experience at Blue Hill at Stone Barns this summer and Dan is the spiritual leader of the food waste movement.


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