In Other News …


The DC Neighborhoods With The Highest Price Appreciation  [UrbanTurf DC]  I guarantee you can’t guess #1 on the list.

Citi Tells Clients To Invest In Real Estate On The Periphery  [Barron’s]  Makes sense, considering the previous news story.  If you aren’t buying in Anacostia, you must hate making money.

Greek Real Estate: Too Cheap To Miss  [New Europe]   When the “Grexit” didn’t happen, a lot of people thought they missed out on an opportunity to own a Greek villa on the cheap, but it turns out that the Greek government already devalued their real estate by piling on tons of onerous taxes.  So buy away.  Also, did you know that you get automatic EU citizenship on any real estate transaction 200,000 euros or more?  Even if your villa-flipping scheme falls through, you can always stay and work as a scuba instructor, giving lessons to rich American twentysomethings on vacation.  It’s a win-win.

Selective Powerwashing Creates Innovative “Reverse Graffiti” Murals  [Citylab]  They should use this technique on the U Street Bill Cosby mural.

City Seizes Control Of Eastern Market From Private Managers  [Capitol Hill Corner]  My fanatical libertarian father just read this headline, nodded slowly, and then ran into his backyard bunker and started loading clips.

Washington Tried To Give Georgetown Back to Maryland  [Ghosts of DC]  Also, unless I’m reading the map wrong – and I don’t think that I am – we live in Washington City, DC.  Am I wrong?

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