In Other News …


Enter The Graffiti Optical Illusion Void  [Vice]  It must be art, since it makes my stomach hurt if I look directly at it.

Dingy Ledroit Storage Unit Converted Into Sleek Rental  [Washington Post]   Throughout the decade that this guy was building, by hand, his miniature rental empire, I was living just a couple blocks away, shotgunning 99-cent tallboys, which I paid for with unemployment checks.  I regret nothing.

Why American Public Transportation Sucks  [Vox]   Basically, our mass transit system is the car I bought when I was 19 and never ever serviced even once (going so far as to put tape over the “Check Engine” light instead of just checking the engine), and then when it finally broke down and I took it into the shop, the guy looked it over and said, “this is just terrible,” and you could tell from his expression that he wished he could call the city and have me put in jail for auto neglect.  Maintenance is important.

All The Area Commuter Rail Lines On One Map  [Transit Oriented]  Bet you didn’t know you could ride from Perryville to Martinsburg on a single train ride.  (Bet you don’t know where Perryville or Martinsburg is.)

Tiny Homes For The Homeless Result In Backlash In CA  [Daily Breeze]  I guess everyone is in favor of tiny houses for the homeless, until the homeless parks their tiny house in your driveway and starts emptying their manure bucket in your hedges.  Still, the councilman who complains that these tiny houses just lead to crime, “like public urination,” just ends up sounding like a cretin.

Innovative Book Storage In Tiny Houses  [Book Riot]   I know that if I applied tiny house design principles to my apartment, it would be 1000% more pleasant, and yet I just shrug and continue living with all this bulky furniture pushed up against the walls.  If a sassy stranger slapped me in the back of the head right now, I don’t think I would even get mad at them.

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