The Ultimate Glamper

Camping sure ain’t what it used to be. I mean, sure if you want to make your way through the woods with nothing but a compass, some beef jerky and the great outdoors then yes, that is still possible. However, if you do happen to get lost, you can probably fan your phone through the air until you pick up a signal and find your way back with Google Maps. Or, for your sanity’s sake you can bring a MiFi. After all, how else will you Instagram? Seriously though, times have changed since everybody was walking up hill both ways and looking to moss for directional guidance. It’s a new era, folks! One where camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! It’s a time of glamping – defined by Urban Dictionary as a way to “satisfy your craving for the outdoors and your penchant for a good meal, nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed.” Sounds intriguing enough…

The ideal base for a glamper, of course, is not really in a tent. That would mean sleeping on the ground, facing bugs, and potentially listening to the occasional rustle that is maybe, possibly – okay, definitely a bear. No glamper wants that. For glampers, camper vans are the ideal happy medium. You can park close to nature. You can open up your windows to hear nature. You can still store a bottle of wine and sleep on a comfortable bed. I mean, sticks and stones may break your bones, so why not have a mattress?

Pinterest isn’t just for everyday home dreams – it is also filled to the brim with ideas for chic camper vans. Who would have thought? There are renovated camper vans with hardwood floors, cute kitchens, leather couches,…you name it the trend, and somebody’s probably implemented it out on the open road. Of course, I’m not entirely sure that glampers are the DIY type, but stranger things have happened.

camper2 camper3

Of course, if individuals are so giddily jumping on the glamping bandwagon, then you would think some companies would jump on too. And sure enough, one has. Sprouting Sprocket Studio has created what they call the Hütte Hut, their version of a camper. It is glamorous (relative to a tent) indeed.

On their website, Sprouting Sprocket Studio describes their company, saying:

“Sprouting Sprocket Studio embraces a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to industrial design. Husband and wife duo Brian and Katrina Manzo pursue initiatives embody the romantic yet pragmatic sensibilities of their California home base, consulting, collaborating, and creating from a foundation in design thinking.”

Sprocket1 camper7

According to the dynamic duo, the design goes above and beyond in terms of glamping. – combining the comforts of a camper with the joy of being close to the environment. Specifically, the trailer features one side with two large doors that swing open for an airy feel. In addition, there is a canvas roof that lets air and light inside. Total, the teardrop trailer measures about 4 square meters, making it just roomy enough to sleep two adults.

camper6 camper4

The trailer is intended to help leave a minimal environmental footprint. And while like most tiny campers, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, it is undeniably beautifully designed. Most of the camper is, in fact, made of sustainable sourced marine plywood and Baltic birch. However, like everyone has likely learned in other areas of life…beauty doesn’t come without a price. The Hut comes in at $63,900 which as points out, is $684 per square foot. Glamperous, indeed!

The designers stand by the hard-to-swallow price tag, insisting that:

“Hütte Hut evolves the teardrop silhouette through architectural details that embrace both artisanal craftsmanship and computerized precision.”

They go on to explain the vision behind their product:

“ We wanted to create a space that would have an emotive reaction and give you a new way of thinking about the outdoors. Escapism is so appealing for everyone, but the reality is accessing that escape is hard for some people. They’ve never camped before.”

Nobody officially has a Hütte Hut yet. The first three are being constructed and will be followed by a 30-hut production run. So far, the company reports that interested parties range to include people wanting a backyard hideout and retirees needing someplace to sleep while checking out California’s coast.

While I am fairly certain that most glampers don’t have 60k lying around to invest in their glamping escapades…I am certain that most glampers wish they did.

Truthfully, I do enjoy the occasional escapade in the woods – nothing better reminds me how good I have it than using leaves for toilet paper. Still though, I can’t think of any reason why adding an actual bed would hurt the experience. Glamping sounds like an upgrade, does it not? And if you can glamp and look like you have great 70s-inspired design taste, then…all the power to you.

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