In Other News …


Coming Soon: Universal Transit Farecard  [Citylab]  We are getting closer and closer to a real-life Multipass.  I hope that this will start making people admit that “The Fifth Element” was a good movie.  Also, as a bonus, I get to post a picture of Milla Jovovich.

DC Houseboat Finds A Buyer  [Urban Turf DC]  Well, that didn’t take long.  Not surprising, considering it was a highly appealing home for under 200K (!).  Plus it came with free Zumba classes at the marina.  (Also, since I covered it in last week’s “Sundays with Strangers,” I expect a cut of the commission.)

Presidential Mural In Adams Morgan Vandalized  [Washington Post]  Seems a strange target, considering there’s a Bill Cosby mural in town that hasn’t been vandalized.  (No, I’m not going to tell you where it is;  but yes, there’s an informal betting pool about how long it takes before someone paint-balloons it.)

Redfin Tried To Change Real Estate, But Real Estate Changed Redfin  [Vox]  “Welcome to the first Redfin brainstorming meeting.  Anyone have any ideas how we can reinvent real estate?”  “How about we make our site so Flash-heavy that it crashes people’s browsers?”  “Brilliant!”

What Is DC’s “Sexiest” Architecture?  [Curbed DC]  Is “curvy” architecture really “sexier” than “straight-line” architecture?  Not going to lie, this conversation is making me uncomfortable.

Pennsylvania Avenue Revitalization Efforts Begin In Earnest  [Washington Business Journal]  From the “Crazy Things You Might Be Overhearing In The Near Future” Department:  “Hey, you want to go bar-hopping on 14th Street tonight?”  “Nah, let’s go somewhere cool … like Pennsylvania Avenue.”

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