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The Economic Benefits Of Having A Lake Monster  [Johnson City Press]  This is a genius idea!  We need an “Anacostia Sea Serpent” or something.  It’s a guaranteed tourist draw even though everyone knows, deep down, it doesn’t exist!  It’s the perfect crime!  If Muriel Bowser hasn’t convened a top secret “DC monster task force,” she’s not as serious about development as she claims to be.

From A Sprawling Philly Townhouse To 250 Square Feet In Loudon County  [Urban Turf DC]   It doesn’t seem possible that, in the future, there will be a movement “rediscovering” the charms of huge suburban McMansions, but then you all said that flared pants would never come back either.

What Other College Towns Can Tell Us About College Park  [Greater Greater Washington]  “College Park sucks.”  – Other College Towns.  I’m pretty sure that if I’d spent my formative years in College Park, I’d be a Subway franchisee today instead of a writer.  (Wait, would that be better or worse?)

Franklin Park Upgrade Plan Passes Hurdles  [DCist]  Franklin Park is so huge and so central, it was always sort of puzzling to me that it was basically an abandoned desolate homeless hangout plaza.  Though I will say that when I had an office job nearby, I would sometimes go eat lunch there, surrounded by hobos in trashbag ponchos and junkies nodding off, and think to myself, “if this is the worst-case scenario after getting fired from this job, it doesn’t seem all that much worse than working 9 to 5 in an office.”

Check Out This DC Living Room With An Entire Mirrored Wall  [Curbed DC]  We’ve all dated someone who insisted on doing “it” in front of a mirror at all times;  that ex is going to buy this place, and when guests visit, they’re going to think to themselves, “why is all the furniture in here wipe-down-able?”

Volunteers Sought For Graffiti Cleanup Along Georgia Avenue  [Borderstan]  Speaking of tourist attractions, the last time I visited Brooklyn, I was in a desolate warehouse neighborhood and crossed paths with a guided “graffiti tour” made up entirely of wealthy European and Japanese tourists.  So maybe in an “up and coming” neighborhood, a graffiti cleanup is exactly the wrong thing to do?

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