In Other News …

Real-Life Hulk Lifts Car Out Of Bike Lane  [RT]  This is going to be my new “goals” scenario when I lift at the gym, replacing “happening upon Keira Knightley struggling to take an air conditioner into her apartment, and capturing her heart by effortlessly carrying it inside.”

DC Is Sinking, Literally  [Vocativ]  Between this and that Seattle earthquake story everyone’s been posting on social media, I think I may just move back to Iowa.  I’d rather be bored than dead.  (Fast forward three days into my Iowa return: “I’d rather be dead than bored.”)

How Hard Is It To Move Up The Income Ladder In DC?  [District Measured]   It’s really hard to move up the ladder, but it’s also really hard to slip down the ladder.  So, you know, things could be worse.  (They could also be better.)

Death Of A Young Black DC Journalist  [The New Yorker]  A tragic story that deserves more exposure.

“Just Enough Room Island” Has Just Enough Room For One House  [Mental Floss]   That house is like a metaphor for me a month into a new job:  totally isolated, zero margin for error, comically doomed.

This Live-Cam Of Alaskan Bears Will Destroy Your Productivity  [Explore]  No, seriously, it’s impossible to watch this for less than several hours.  Who cares, it’s Friday.



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