In Other News …

you-know-its-hot-outside-when-funny-pictures-28How Homes Kept Cool Before A/C  [Solar City]  I don’t like air conditioning, but I have a fat cat who hates the heat;  last week I would buy a huge bag of ice each morning, put it in the bathtub, and she would cuddle up to it all day to cool off.  Hopefully some of these tips will cut down my ice budget.

Rosslyn’s Imminent Makeover  [Washington Post]  Arlington’s plan is to make Rosslyn the Brooklyn to DC’s Manhattan (!!!).  Irony’s going to have to get about 1000% more intense before IHOP and high-rise apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting become cool.

This Map Shows Which Parts Of DC Are Suburban And Which Are Urban  [Greater Greater Washington]  On one hand, yes, I’m glad science has confirmed certain obvious facts, i.e. Palisades is the suburbs!  (Any place without sidewalks is the suburbs.)  On the other hand, claiming that Silver Spring is “urban” is just going to encourage that one friend we all have who tries to guilt everyone to come out there for drinks every weekend.

Chinese Real Estate Bubble Reinflating Right On Schedule  [Quartz]  I dated this girl a few years ago whose dad was a wealthy three-martini-lunch sort of “investor,” and one time over dinner he grabbed me by the shoulder and said, “there’s no more money to be made in the United States.  That’s all overseas now.”  I didn’t like him, but I had to admit he was probably right.

Metro To Have Complete Phone Coverage Within Two Years  [WAMU]  This is such a relief;  I’m so tired of pretending to browse the internet on my phone to avoid awkward eye contact during rush hour.

Which Metro Stations Get Which Emojis?  [Curbed DC]  All of you who voted to give Foggy Bottom the “cool/sunglasses” emoji, I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.


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