In Other News …


DC And The Rise Of The One Million Dollar Home  [WTOP]  Remember when a million dollars was a mythical, unimaginable sum?  Now it’s just shorthand for a rowhouse with bad light and not enough closet space.  Maybe all those wacky email forwards my conspiracy-theorist dad sends me about how, because of inflation, we’re soon going to need a wheelbarrow of cash just to buy a loaf of bread are true?  (Now that would be the ultimate Shyamalan ending.)

Couple To Give Away 35-Acre Virginia Farm In Essay Contest  [WAMU]  This is the only time my talent for writing might come in handy, other than writing hilarious speeches to give at weddings that are nonetheless offensive enough to get me ejected from said wedding.  (This has happened to me twice.  Twice!)

Renting Vs. Buying In DC  [Curbed DC]  Some really interesting insights in this article, though I did scratch my head a bit at the guy who said that he recommended you rent a home if you couldn’t afford to buy one.  I didn’t know there was a third option …?

New Website Tracks Down Vintage Furniture In DC For You  [Washingtonian]  Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to find my vintage stuff the old way – by rooting through huge mite-infested piles of dead people’s stuff for hours on end in suburban thrift stores.

This Pop-Open Tiny House Is Only Half The Size Of A Parking Space  [Fast Co.]  I really want one of my friends to get one of these tiny houses, so I can collapse it while they’re inside and then put the video on Youtube.

Chinatown Only Has 300 Remaining Chinese Residents – And They’re Fighting To Stay  [Washington Post]  This is doubly depressing because not only has 90% of Chinatown’s Chinese population already been displaced, but also because if you’ve been paying attention to the last decade of gentrification, the odds that the remaining 10% will be able to stay are incredibly slim.  At this point, if I were them, I would appeal to the Chinese government for a bailout, on the assumption that maybe they’d do it just to one-up all the free-market capitalists?


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