What Your Home Decor Style Might Say About You

Finding a place to live can be a painful experience. Whether you are renting, buying, squatting or something else entirely…it’s no small task. First of all, there is a lot to consider. Is this place convenient to work? Is this place convenient to coffee? Is this place convenient to tacos? Is this place not convenient to family members that like to “pop in” or “stop over”? Is there enough space for your furniture? Is there enough space for your junk? Do the neighbors have all night raves? Is the walk to the mailbox unbearably long? Can you afford this? The list goes on…but amongst the list of considerations is an underlying stress that results from undoubtedly one of the biggest purchase decisions (period).

However, once you’re in your new digs and through packing and un-packing “where did I put that thing I can’t live without?” and “why didn’t I notice that this place had no closet space?” hell, the real fun can start. And by fun, I mean recognizing how much making your real-life living room look like your Pinterest-life living room is going to cost you. Who knew that coffee tables could cost more than a grand? Not your over zealous late-night pinning self, that’s for sure.

Despite the unique set of woes that come with decorating, decorating is definitely the fun part of making a home. It’s so personal – so no matter what kind of shell you start with, you can make the end result look however you want. That being said, home décor style can say a lot about you…here’s what it **might** say…

Classic1 Classic2

Classic Style

You know what you like. You like what everybody else likes. It’s simple, easy and Martha Stewart approved. You may not have the exact same curtains that your mom had growing up, but you have curtains that practically match the pantone color of the vases she handed you down. You like order. If there’s a lamp on one side if the couch, there should probably be a lamp on the other. You can’t be trusted to come out of Target or HomeGoods empty handed. You probably watch your fair share of TLC or HGTV, but you can also relax to a Friends or Law & Order marathon. You have your taxes ready for tax day and you don’t do “clutter”. Your meals have protein, carbs and greens (read: you enjoy your steak and potatoes). Arguably, your life is much more together than mine…

COuntry1 country2

Country Style

Your house is somewhere along the boarder of “homey” and “hoarder haven”. You like trinkets, regardless of their uselessness and aren’t afraid of floral prints or ruffles (more power to you). You do value Martha Stewart’s advice, but it does seem like she gets a little more hoity toity and a little less down to earth every year – bless her heart. You’re big on family and likely have some sort of pet roaming the halls. You might prefer a good book to TV, but you can also be caught shamelessly watching re-runs of classics on TV Land. You prefer meals with bread and butter, but truthfully you will eat anything as long as you are in good company…

ecclectic1 ecclectic2

Vintage Eclectic

You don’t know exactly what you want, and that’s cool with you. You are certainly no germaphobe – which can be proven by your mix of thrift shop finds that have most certainly been at the hands of other people (and, quite certainly, their germs). You dig funky prints and know a good pastel one you see one. You might be the only one of your friends that still owns a cake plate, but if you are baking a cake it better look good! You like reading just as much as you like TV, but heaven be damned if you miss an episode of New Girl or get too busy to re-live the Big Bang Theory glory days. You aren’t a picky eater, but you do shop at Whole Foods and your local Farmer’s Markets.

mod1 mod2

Modern/ Minimalist

You’re so hipster it kind of hurts. You buy art prints from places most of us have never heard of – or you are just gifted them from your intimidatingly artsy designer friends. You singlehandedly keep the record business going with your addiction to indie vinyls and you are most certainly a coffee shop “regular” somewhere near by. You believe the more white space, the better and know that MCM stands for more than “Man Crush Monday” (aka you will scour Craiglist for the occasional idiot who doesn’t know how much mid-century modern furniture is worth). You laugh at people who still pay for cable. You take your selfies on polaroids. You don’t eat at chains and you scoff at anything that doesn’t come with a craft beer.

chic1 chic2


You don’t understand the hipster movement. You understand pink and posh. You don’t look for silver linings, you buy gold ones. You think every room should have a rug and it should be fabulous. You wonder why people call you a diva like it’s a bad thing. You have a beautiful kitchen that hardly gets used. You prefer cosmos to food. If you have a pet, it’s one that can fit in your handbag. You secretly think TV is for people that don’t have lives. Don’t they have a party to attend? People to entertain?

Now, I haven’t even begun to exhaust all the styles here, but you get the idea…we’re all a little crazy. This is all in good fun, people. No matter what your style is, own it! Express yo’ self!

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