In Other News …


Survey Says DC Is Third-Handsomest City In The US (?!)  [PR Web]  Putting aside the extremely debatable proposition that DC men are better looking than men in NYC or LA, the survey used “the amount of money men spent on grooming products” as the main factor to rank their handsomeness.  But don’t men use more products the less handsome they are?  I feel like every year that I get older, I need 15% more creams, serums, dyes, and moisturizers just to look like I looked the previous year.

What You Can Get In 400 Square Feet Or Less In DC  [Urban Turf DC]  If I ever buy a place, I’m definitely going to get one of these uber-cheap tiny studios, install all the latest cutting-edge Japanese space-saving furnishings, and then live basically rent free (condo fees for these places are like a hundred bucks a month) for the rest of my life.

This Graphic Shows How New Home Construction Has Changed Over Two Decades  [Housing Wire]  Since every single development trend is basically reversing the last three decades of development history, you could probably see how the next two decades of new home construction is going to change just by holding this graphic up to a mirror.

A Derelict 747 Salvaged Into A Luxury Waterfront Home  [Plaid Zebra]  If a plane ever crashes into your front yard, you can just make it into your new man cave.

How Whole Foods Decides To Come To Your Neighborhood  [Washingtonian]  I feel like Whole Foods is about to become the Hummer of grocery stores:  they were cool when you had the only one in town, but once everybody had them, you were like, “wait a second, this piece of crap gets eight miles to the gallon!”

Rare 1880 Plan For Ledroit Park  [Ghosts of DC]  When is old-timey throwback suburbia going to come back into style?  We have “throwback” versions of everything else.  (Also, can you imagine living on “Larch Street”?  Sounds like it was named after a rash or something.)


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