In Other News …


14th Street Residents Petition Against 7-11  [Borderstan]  The petitioners say they don’t want “trouble,” but I went there all the time and the only trouble I ever had at 7-11 was once on a 4AM junk food run, when I came out to find my bike was gone, and I asked some cops nearby if they’d seen anyone steal it, and they all broke into laughter and pulled it out from behind their van.  I pretended to laugh along with them so they wouldn’t shoot me.

Five Developments Approved During The “Zero-Parking Trend”  [Curbed DC]  I guess if they’re calling it a trend and referring to it in the past tense, it must be over.  Too bad, I was planning to start renting out my backyard as a parking space once they became scarce.

The 8 Best Public Plazas In The World  [Architizer]  I’ve been to zero out of eight of these.  I really need to step up my plaza game.

The Anacostia Bidding Wars Have Begun  [Washington Business Journal]  We all have that friend who, when the conversation turns to gentrification and skyrocketing rents/home prices in DC, is like, “Pfff, I’ll start worrying when houses in Anacostia start getting expensive.”  I can wait to slap that friend in the back of the head the next time they say that.

DC Homeowners Have A Five Year “Break-Even Horizon”  [Urban Turf DC]  The break-even horizon, apparently, is how long you have to live somewhere before buying becomes cheaper than renting:  I’m kind of shocked that it’s so long in DC.  (Most cities are closer to two years.)  It’s 31 years in Chevy Chase Village, though!  Does that mean rent in Chevy Chase Village is, like, a hundred bucks a month?  I may be moving to Chevy Chase Village.

Interest In Greek Real Estate Rises As Financial Crisis Worsens  [Forbes]  “Hey, I read in the New York Times that your economy just imploded, would you take a hundred dollars for that seaside villa?”


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