In Other News …


Brightwood Resident Posts Anti-Gentrification Signs  [Washington Post]  This literal old man decided that he didn’t just want you to get off his lawn, he wants you to get out of his entire dang neighborhood.

The House That Moved To Mount Pleasant  [Urban Turf DC]  Imagine:  there was a time in DC when it was so small and laid-back that if a rainstorm hit while you were moving your house, you could just leave it in the middle of 16th Street for two days, and no one cared.


This Shipping Container House Cost Only $20,000  [Curbed DC]  Considering a shipping container costs $2000, a $20,000 shipping container house isn’t really that impressive.  Eighteen grand to furnish a metal box isn’t anything to brag about;  I bet I could do it all for less than five grand!  (Someone donate five grand to see if I can pull it off.)


Berlin’s Rent Control Laws Are Working Already  [Citylab]  With DC’s rent increasing exponentially, it’s inevitable that we’ll have to revise our rent control laws, and we could do much worse than this.  That being said, it will never happen.  (*Weeps as I write my rent check*)


How Much Time Does That Cup Of Coffee Buy You In The Coffee Shop?  [Washington Post]  Here’s the thing about overstaying your welcome in a coffee shop:  the people who are policing the length of your stay are the baristas, not management or ownership.  Tip them adequately, and they couldn’t care less if you unrolled a sleeping bag and slept under your table.  (Conversely, tip them inadequately, and you’re going to get dirty looks after ten minutes.)


With These Mobile Offices, You Can Work From The Woods  [CoExist]  On the other hand, if you’d rather literally camp out instead of camping out in a coffee shop, you could always get one of these mobile home offices and set it up in the woods.  If you have that much trouble focusing, though, maybe you should ask your doctor about the wonders of Adderall?




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