In Other News …

SIDEKICKS, Chuck Norris, Jonathan Brandis, 1992, © Columbia Home Video

Ten Renovation Trends That Will Put Your Home On The Cutting Edge  [Washington Post]  Would anyone object if all light switches were converted to toe switches that you kicked on and off?  We should pass a constitutional amendment to make this happen immediately.

The Tour Triangle Will Change The Parisian Skyline  [Mental Floss]  Once we do the stadiums and the Anacostia Bridge Park, how many more big development projects before the City Council caves and tears up the Height Act?  It’s like their “downtown revitalization” ace-in-the-hole.

Desire For DC Streetcar Cools Amid Delays, Mishaps  [Washington Times]  To be fair, I’m not sure many people wanted it in the first place – not that that’s a reason to not build it.  I suspect the streetcar is going to be like a party that you’re too lazy to go to, but your significant other forces you to get off the sofa and put some clothes on, and then you end up having a fantastic night and feeling really sheepish that at one point you didn’t want to go.

Yelp Eviscerates DC’s Finest Hotels  [Curbed DC]  Million dollar idea alert:  a website like Yelp, but it would review people instead of businesses.  So you could go onto your boss’s or ex’s page and leave a one-star review, with the understanding that they could reciprocate if you go overboard.  This website would be more popular than Twitter and Facebook combined!

New App Helps Real Estate Agents Handle Sensitive, Possibly Illegal, Questions  [Inman]  If you’re too cheap to buy the app, you could just whistle and pretend you didn’t hear them.


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