In Other News …


Virtual Reality Tours Come To Commercial Real Estate  [Wall Street Journal]  On one hand:  the future is now!  On other hand:  the future is kinda boring.  (Condo tours but still no virtual sex?!)

Are DC’s Billion-Dollar Stadium Investments Worth It?  [Washington City Paper]  Only in urban development will you have people say, without blinking an eye, “we’re not sure if this will work, and there’s no evidence that it will, but let’s spend a billion dollars and just cross our fingers.”

Floor Of Potential Bloomingdale Pop-Up Collapses  [Popville]  Karma?  Possibly.

JBG’s $10 Million Alley  [Washington Business Journal]  This headline is meant to be sensational, but I’m sure that if a $10 million alley is the price JBG has to pay to build their Florida Avenue monstrosity, they’re more than happy to do so.

When Divorcing Couples Want To Sell The House  [Washington Post]  While some of these get even stories are hilarious – the woman who put a dead fish inside of the wall of her ex’s house! – I do feel bad for the real estate agents who got caught in the middle.  Still, a breakup is the only time in life when you’re really allowed to be as horrible as you can be.  Never let something as insignificant as money get in the way of that.



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