In Other News …

peeping tomHere Is “The Watcher” Lawsuit In Chilling Detail  [Gawker]  Before I read the specifics, I was like, “ha ha, someone’s sending prank letters to a family about watching their house? That’s hilarious!”  Then I read the actual messages they received and immediately went around my apartment turning on all the lights and double-checking all the locks.

Chinese Residents Fight To Stay In Chinatown  [Washington Post]  In retrospect, it was probably a bad sign when the powers-that-be started calling it “Gallery Place.”

Evening Farmer’s Market Set To Debut On H Street NE  [Washington Business Journal]  More of these, please.  As someone who sleeps from 6AM to midafternoon, I’m always horribly jealous of the incredible stuff my friends pick up at the morning ones.  I bet I would legitimately be 50% healthier if I had been eating farmer’s market produce all this time.  Hmm, I wonder if I could sue someone over this?

There Used To Be A Neighborhood In DC Called “Herring Hill”?  [Ghosts of DC]  Uh huh.  It’s basically the eastern half of present-day Georgetown, and was named after all the herring people used to catch in Rock Creek.  This used to be a really weird city.

Buy A House In An Idyllic Sicilian Village For 1 Euro (No, Seriously)  [The Telegraph]  Even with the cost of required renovations (the houses have been badly neglected), you could still have a house in paradise for less than fifty grand.  I seriously just spent several minutes trying to think why I shouldn’t buy one, and I couldn’t come up with a single reason.

Spooky Real Estate Stories From Curbed Readers  [Curbed DC]  Yeah, I know it’s nowhere near Halloween, but what are you complaining about, you’re reading this at work.



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