In Other News …


Here’s Why Your Home Is Languishing On The Market  [Washington Post]  Hmm, turns out that taking your house off the market and then putting it back on the market again often results in a sale.  Selling a house sounds a lot like fixing my parents’ computer.

A Case Study In Bike-Friendly Suburban Planning  [Citylab]  Ooh, bike-friendly suburb?  Where?  Oh … The Netherlands.  Still, take note, Silver Spring.

Could Dupont Underground Become An Underground Park?  [Urban Turf]  “Hey mom, can I go play in the subterranean abandoned train station?”  That’s a sentence that will warm a mother’s heart.

Millennials Don’t Think They Can Afford To Buy Houses  [The Atlantic]  Millennials are probably right.  (There’s a statement you don’t hear every day.)

1790s Farmhouse In Great Falls Hits The Market  [Curbed DC]  It’s on the market for $3.3 million, but was bought less than a year ago for under $2 million.  Definitely missing part of the story here.

The $900,000 Dupont Garage Just Dropped In Price  [Washingtonian]  By $1000, or about 0.1%.  That just seems insulting, doesn’t it?


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