In Other News …


How Listing Characteristics Impact Days On Market  [Zillow]  Good photos, vivid descriptions – successfully selling your house is a lot like online dating.

The Cost Of In-Unit Laundry For DC Renters  [UrbanTurf DC]  Whoa – in-unit laundry adds $130 – $200 to the average rent!  For $150 a month, you could get your laundry picked up from your doorstep, washed and hand-folded, and returned within 24 hours.  Having a washer/dryer in your house basically means you hate money.

The Secret History Of White-Only Neighborhoods In DC  [DCist]  We knew, on some level, that this sort of thing probably happened, but it’s still pretty shocking to learn the details.  (Bloomingdale?!)

Arlington Cracks Down On Salty Language  [Washingtonian]  Is this unconstitutional?  This has got to be unconstitutional.  Someone please sue Arlington.

Spy Museum Firms Up Agreement To Move to L’Enfant Plaza  [Curbed DC]  One of the best locations in the city and $100 million ($60 million of which was a huge donation) for what’s basically the museum equivalent of a Weird Al Yankovic song.

Could You Pass The DC Driver’s Test?  [Greater Greater Washington]  True story:  I flunked the DC driver’s test and haven’t had a license for nine years.  I had one “miss” left and I guessed wrong on the question, “When parking on the right, how many feet from the corner are you legally required to be?”  Options were 10 feet, 20 feet, and 30 feet.  Don’t pretend you know the answer, either.




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